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This is who I wish to be...


Thursday May 28th 2015
I woke up extra early and went to my gym and spent an hour doing a decent workout and loved the fact that the tingling sensation had run its course by noon and I was feeling great and ready for another workout.  So after work I did another super hard work out where I worked all of me as hard as I could, just like the trainer showed me.  I felt like I’d been hit by a truck again when I got home, but the intensity of the tingling was amazing!
Wednesday May 27th 2015
We woke up panicked to my alarm because we both needed to get to work.  As he scampered towards to door I scooped him up again and gave him a quick kiss, holding him up in the air.  That was the best I’ve ever had, I told him.  He just kissed me in response and I wondered what made me suddenly so confident (and strong) that I would just pick up my man so comfortably.  There was definitely a different, happier feeling between us at work that day and it made me feel so very good.

Mandy even mentioned that I was glowing when we met up for the social run.  She also looked up at me quizzically but didn’t say anything.  The run started and I very quickly realized that I needed to slow down to Mandy’s pace.  When we got to the exercises I immediately threw myself at the hardest level of the workout and again I quickly realized that even though I was doing quite a few more reps than Mandy, I was still finishing before her, or sometimes with her.  It felt great to work my body so hard and to have made so much progress in just three weeks.  At the gym, again I went straight for the heaviest weights and while it was hard work, I didn’t shy away from it and actually pushed as hard as I could.  I wanted that full body tingling sensation, no I craved it.

By the time we arrived back at the bar I could already feel it starting and I couldn’t wait to enjoy the feeling of my body growing for the rest of the evening.  I’d figured out that that was exactly what was happening.  I was growing into quite the amazon and I love the feeling of power that came with it.  I specifically wore a pair of short shorts, I call them booty shorts because they only cover to about an inch beyond your booty, and a sleeveless low cut top.  This outfit would highlight my legs as they grew thicker and started to round out with strength and muscle.  It would also show off my growing traps, and roundening shoulders and arms.  My breasts would get more squished as my chest and back grew, and overall I’d just be a bigger, stronger, sexier woman.

When I got home I checked myself again and I’d gained another 15 pounds!! I flexed in my mirror and like seeing that my little bumpy muscles were no longer seeming so little.  And I was no longer fit, I was somewhere between fit and buff, maybe more towards the buff side.  Not sure why, but I liked it and I wanted more.
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Tuesday May 26th 2015
Oh Em Gee!!!  Was that really me!!??? I woke up feeling great, totally rested and recovered and ready for another workout just like the one last night.  Also, the mirror was showing me a full figured, curvy, and dare I say it, fit woman staring back at me.  All hints of my skinny old self were completely gone and I loved it.  I was full and healthy all over and it wasn’t until I tried flexing that my muscles really showed themselves.  This was such an amazing transformation! A part of me wanted to see how far I could push my body and this newly discovered aptitude for building strength and muscle.  But then an image of me as big and muscular as a man bodybuilder shut down that train of thought, but didn’t completely derail it…  

At work I asked Magruder out for that drink because he just looked so cute way down there.  Was he smaller than usual?  I’d worn a sleeveless white blouse under my blazer and black slacks with four inch heels.  My new ass looked great in those pants!  At the bar, I pretended to get too hot and leaned forward to take off my jacket, making my breasts push towards him, then revealing my new fit full arms.  His eyes immediately tracked from my chest to my arms.  Do you like what you see?  I asked him flexing my arms making them jump to attention and bulge noticeably.  He couldn’t help himself and reached out to feel the new thickness of my arm.  Oh yeah, he was all mine, and I wanted him.

I took him back to my place and the moment we were through the door I swept him up off the ground to my height and we began kissing passionately.  He was sooo light and I loved feeling his feet dangle a good ten inches off the ground.  He was also instahard for me so I set him down and with one hand on his chest push/walked him backwards into the bedroom until he plopped down on my bed.  I leaned waaay down to his level and kissed him, letting my tongue invade his mouth until his eyes were rolling up in his head.  When I had him properly mind blown I told him to get himself naked and I’d be right back, as I walked around the corner into the bathroom.

I came back out wearing only the strappy heels and my lacy boy short panties.  I was holding my breasts to my chest with one arm and flexing the other as much as I could.  His eyes bugged out and I saw him twitch.  I walked sexily to the bed releasing my teardrop breasts and started dragging myself up the length of his body, first with my long tongue, then with my big breasts, keeping my ass up in the air so he could admire the shape of it in my panties.  When I reached his member I made sure he was watching as my tongue snaked out of my mouth and wrapped itself all the way around him, and then some, and pulled all of him into my mouth.  Another benefit to being a big woman, this was easy for me.  I sealed my lips around him and slowly sucked him bigger and bigger, massaging him with my tongue.

He was almost ready!  I continued licking up his body, making sure that my breasts swallowed up his hugeness completely between them, I even tried flexing my chest and amazingly enough it made my breasts squish pleasantly around him.  He was gasping now.  I worked my way up to kiss him with my tongue again, then I grabbed his wrists and pinned him easily to the bed.  I’d done this before but I loved how easy it was for me now. He didn’t stand a chance against me.  I held his hands above his head with one of my hands as I pulled off my shoes and panties and finally lowered myself onto him.  I so loved devouring smaller men.  It makes me feel so powerful to know that they’re totally under my control.

I began squeezing and flexing down on him inside and within seconds he was gasping from the extreme amounts of pleasure I was causing in him.  I was so turned on that every time I flexed he would twitch inside me catapulting me closer to my own orgasm.  I still had him pinned and the top of my breasts were in his face.  His mind was totally blown so when I sat up and squeezed down extra hard on him, and then released, I blew his body as well as his mind as he gasped with every convulsion of his body as I screamed with every twitch of his.  Oh god, he was the best little man I’d ever had!!  I collapsed on top of him, squishing my breasts into his face as he continued to twitch inside me.

I rolled off him after riding the insane wave of pleasure, I realized that the full body tingling had started up as well.  Apparently this was a workout too!  We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Monday May 25th 2015
When I got to the gym I asked the trainer to give me the hardest full body workout he could give me.  I wanted him to push me to my max.  Push me he did!  Every body part of mine was so totally taxed by the end I felt like I’d never be able to move again.  Getting showered and changed in the dressing room was sooo hard.  Climbing up into my oversized jeep was nearly impossible, and by the time I got home I felt like I’d been hit by a train, so I promptly collapsed on the couch.  After an hour watching more OitnB I finally felt a little better and got up for some dinner and desert.  I finished off the pint of ice cream, using my super long tongue to clean out the bottom of the carton completely.  Food really helped me feel better and by bed time I could feel the now familiar tingling start all over my body.  I couldn’t wait to see what I looked like in the morning.
Sunday May 24th 2015
I went to the park and went through my usual workout again at the playground.  I was powering through everything, I was up to 30 pushups, and when I got to the pull ups I breezed through the first five, struggled for the next three and barely squeezed out the last two!  I’d just done 10 pull ups, twice what I’d done on Wednesday!  Riding the high I did two more rounds and forced my body to do all ten pull ups every round.  I did notice on the final round that I didn’t have to reach as much for the pull up bar as usual.  It was hard but worth it because as I ran home I could already feel that my body was going to respond very nicely to this workout.  I also decided on the run home that I wanted to totally impress Mandy on Wednesday so I called up the gym and scheduled another personal training session for after work on Monday.


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