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This is who I wish to be...
Jack Derril :iconjderril: and I have been working together on a story set in the Zombie Apocalypse.  It is turning out to be an amazing story and we wanted to share a little teaser with everyone...  Enjoy!

Zombie Apocalypse
By Katrina Zwicker and Jack Derrill


Around the corner of the barn a massive walker appears. A man, easily 7 feet tall and like over 2,5 feet wide. It’s a monster in every sense of the word. Trina screams for Jack to get the hell out of there... "RUUUN!"... But Jack to occupied in his battle and doesn't notice. *Shoof* *shoof* *shoof* Trina fires three arrows in rapid succession, each a direct hit against the back of the head. The arrows only penetrate slightly against the rock hard skin of this walker.

As Jack slays the last of the normal walkers he looks up and notices the monster in the doorway. "Damn you are ugly!" Then panic strikes as jack sees the three arrows that did no damage.  Jack swings his longsword *CUT KRRRK* the sword penetrates the side of the creature. Jack pulls, but the sword is stuck. The creature still standing, not giving any sign of damage by the sword. *SWING* the creature pulls out the sword and launches it 12 feet away like its weightless. *BAM!* the sword drops on the floor like a rock.

Jack realizes there is no way they can beat this thing with their current weapons. Jack dashes past the creature, towards the exit. *SLAM* he falls to the ground, the creature grabbing his leg. Jack's face moving up, making eye contact with Trina, still in the tower, who is looking at Jack with a stunned expression. Jack then grabs his last acidic grenade and throws it against the monsters face. The monster lets loose, screaming from the burning acid in his left eye. As the creature starts swinging it breaks a support column like it’s not even there.

Jack runs out of the barn. Then stops and takes a look behind him at the steel doors. "They only close from the inside.." Once more both Kat and Jack make eye contact. "Kat! I'm Sorry, Take good care of yourself!" Jack instantly turning around and running back into the barn, pulling the lever *SLAM* the massive steel doors closing in a lock.

Trapping himself inside with the creature...


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Katrina Zwicker
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Just a tall runner girl who wishes for to be all muscley and stuff... Heehee!!

Personal Quote: Anything you can do, I can do better!

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